? Hi pod-kween,

You’re a podcaster

You love asking the right questions and connecting with people

Take your podcast to the next level

and focus on what you love to do

I’m Kate

I’m your fairy pod-mother and I can’t wait to hear you shine!

I’ll be your right hand – editing your podcast, creating show notes, and handling all things audio hosting.

You get to interview

And I handle the rest, leaving you more time to focus on the things you love.

Together, we can share your message with the world.

Available services include:

• Podcast editing


•Video file with static image + YouTube upload & publish or premiere

• Show note dictation + blog post creation

• Social media graphic creation (up to 8 images per episode)

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Let’s get started!

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How does it work?

Flat rate for batch production or simple monthly terms

For new podcasts:

If your podcast is brand – new I recommend recording and creating the supporting media in batches. If you already have several episodes recorded or plan to do so, we can work together to come up with a flat project fee for all the services you need.

For existing or established podcasts:

If your podcast is recorded and released on a regular schedule, we can work together to determine what your monthly rate will be. Each and every month I take care of everything technical and you focus on interviewing your amazing guests for the same reliable fee.

Are you ready to SHINE?

You’re only one call away from the best podcasting experience – ever.

For solo-podsters and small businesses – I’ve got you!

I can create packages and rates to fit any budget for any client, around the world.
Talk soon,
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