How I’m Staying Sane

How I’m Staying Sane

I’m not going to lie – the first two weeks of quarantine life were tough.

I slept many more hours of the day than is normal or recommended. I felt totally trapped. Now that our #stayathome has been extended through May I know I have four more weeks of this.

I’ve had to surrender to the idea that my room is, for the most part, the extent of my physical universe for the next 30 days.

When I accepted this reality as truth I began to see the silver lining. Here are the things that have helped me maintain that outlook:

1. Gratitude…for anything.

My number one gratitude machine is my fluffy angel, Luna. She is forever cheerful, happy to see me, and content in this room that we are sequestered in. Luna loves every minute of every day. I try to be like Luna.

2. Cookies.

This is pretty self-explanatory. New favorite is from Few for All – they are donating to the food bank with every order. (This is local to LA at the moment but please eat cookies wherever you are.)

3. Routine

I have constraints on my day that require me to be awake at 9am and ready to work. I may be wearing pajamas and I may not have brushed my teeth – but my laptop is open and my fingers are typing.

4. Daily Goals for the feeling of acheivement

My goal for this time at home is to help as many people as I can over the phone, facetime, and zoom. This serves several purposes for me.

1) I get to use my skills and keep my brain fired heart lit up. Strategizing with people on their marketing is actually my favorite thing ever.

2) I get to feel that I am helping other people. People are scared of the internet in general but now it’s their only outlet and I’m happy to guide them through the intricacies of their social media, messaging, and websites.

3) I get to put my name and my business out there. I would be lying if I said every call wasn’t a chance for me to sell my services – but I have recently decided I am talented and my skills are valuable. I am actually doing people a service by letting them know how much I can help them.

4) Every time I hang up I know I met a goal I set for myself. When you’re stuck at home, that is a very good feeling!

5. make your bed everyday

I am almost a person who makes their bed every morning. Still working on this one but so far it’s been amazing.

6. getting my jam on

6. Music has really been feeding my soul lately and here is a playlist of what I’m listening to while working.

7. Joy finding

It really is the small things that turn your whole day around. A week and a half ago I ventured out for food for the first time – feeling very anxious and unsettled. As I walked through the store I realized there is plenty of food and I’m going to be ok. As I pursued the dog food aisle for treats for Luna, I saw an extra-large box of crayons (WITH A SHARPENER) and decided, this will be the best $5.39 I have ever spent. And it was. Find joy wherever you can – even in a box of crayons.

8. Helping others

This ties into #4 but I set up to help connect those with resources to those who need a little help right now. Feels pretty good to help in whatever small way I can<3

How have you been getting through? Please let me know in the comments below.

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